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Zendform not validating

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First the datalist is a mixture of the input and select elements.With “basic” HTML it required some javascript to generate such a feature and even then it wasn’t flawless.

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Why shouldn’t I be allowed to change the class of an empty label? change in row 298 by adding the field "date" to the allowed Types object and also to the allowed Filters & allowed Validators objects6. change by adding a new path to plugin Js Paths refering to 1.5.One thing I really hate about forms in Zend Framework is the fact that the hidden fields are displayed as blank lines – sounds stupid but this is what really happens – and if you have more than one – let’s say 4 or 5 – their presence can become really annoying and ruin the layout.This happens because although the hidden fields aren’t shown by the browser, their wrapping tags are.zend-form is intended primarily as a bridge between your domain models and the View Layer.

It composes a thin layer of objects representing form elements, an Input Filter, and a small number of methods for binding data to and from the form and attached objects.

Typically, new data will arrive via web form submissions.

The zend-form and zend-inputfilter components provide us with the ability to create fully-featured forms and their validation rules.

Where do i have to change things to make my custom date field appear in your plugin? I'm pleased with how the formbuilder works, but I'm wondering how it handles decorators. Do I just need to rely on the underlying zend_form methods and not about integrating this with the zfb plugin? It really helps to keep forms structured and easy to modify.

I already changed plugin.xml, made a custom in /js/comp/type and added custom css in but it is not appearing... Question: Has anyone used frontend validation with form builder?

ZF wraps all the form elements in additional markup with the help of decorators.