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Xbmc not updating library for tv shows

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Hey Just got Xbian 1.0 beta 1.1 running on my new Raspberry pi. When i restart the dbus service doesn't auto start even though it's set to auto start. I just deleted the library again and used the Pi to update the library.

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I then rebuild it with my computer and now the Pi won't play anything in movies or in TV Shows, just like then i started..You can bezel swipe from the right to show the custom commands panel. Allows to search media in all Yatse databases (Albums / Songs / Artists / Episodes / Movies). Click and drag the slider for more precise seeking with an indicator of target time.(Start swiping left to right from outside of the screen) The left menu is the main way to navigate inside Yatse. The host list can be accessed from the left menu for quick change (See previous image for how to open it). Long press the seek bar to display a dialog for very precise time seeking. See Basic Yatse usage for details on how to access the library.This tutorial has everything you will ever need to know about Kodi on Raspberry Pi.So if you want to learn how to set up Raspberry Pi Kodi (was XBMC) entertainment center solution with the right accessories, you’re in the right place.While Libre ELEC is a good option for many, you may sometimes prefer to have the full Linux operating system running in the background, so that you can add additional features such as home automation and media server capabilities.

OSMC The OSMC is based on the Debian operating system and it will give you more freedom to customize the system compared to Libre ELEC or Open ELEC.

There's a settings to disable the seek bar and always displays a dialog when clicking it. Yatse synchronize your Media Center database with a local one so you can browse your media anywhere.

The synchronization is automatic but can be disabled in settings Tips : You can still force a synchronization by long clicking the corresponding media type in the left menu (Video / Tv Shows / Music) or swype down any media listing. Display the library content, each main media type also propose an Overview tab that will list the most interesting media from your library, like unfinished movies / episodes, or next episode in a started show. Add the media at the end of current now playing queue.

If the filename isn’t listed correctly, then Kodi may not be able to tell what it is. Well, Kodi uses a process called scraping to pull data from the file.

If Kodi isn’t able to scrape correctly the file then it may do one of two things: It may ignore the file and skip over it when creating your library, or worse, it could mistake the file for a completely different movie.

From a pure performance point of view, there is no significant difference between Libre ELEC, Open ELEC, XBian and the OSMC.