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Can any one recommend brands/models of (preferably cordless) power tools they've used successfully?Best, aaron.glenn [1] Hargeisa, Somaliland; if you must know. Screw extractor bits are invaluable when you need them. But really: a power screwdriver, a bag of #2 bits, and a 12" extender are 85% of it. Ashworth Baylink [email protected] The Things I Think RFC 2100 Ashworth & Associates Land Rover DII St Petersburg FL USA #natog 1 7 Aaron I did some work from 2009 to 2012 in 3rd world datacenters and will note some highlights.Whatever drill you choose, either make sure you can charge it where you go or bring a transformer. - Easy to use power plug pinout testers for various outlets. - Step ladder - Extra humidity/temp sensors - Extra universal rack rails/shelf for legacy or new devices missing parts. Everyone else's comments plus, A phone with a camera.But aliases are soooo handy sometimes, so it is a last resort.$ ct /etc/shadow cat: /etc/shadow: Permission denied $ sct /etc/shadow [sudo] password for dennis: root:[censored]...I have that sinking suspicion my comprehensive list is not comprehensive enough.

I get one true shot at this as the datacenter is very, very far from any 1st-world suppliers[1] Very grateful for any cluebats you are able to spare on this (marginally off) topic. Long (i.e., 100-foot/32m) MMF, SMF, Cat6 cables for emergency cross-rack patching. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Roland Dobbins If you look back about a year, Aaron, you'll find a thread I started about stocking a vending machine for a datacenter; you'll probably find everything in there that you need.

Concord: Top scorers — Morales 4, Scott 4, Adams 4, Pfeil 4.

Discovery 41, Grissom 19 Discovery: Top scorers — Emma Applegate 19, Savannah Scott 8.

New Circuit Period 15 # How many entry guards should we keep at a time?

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