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Who is young joc dating

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However, sometime after that, Khadiyah is reminded that her man has eight children by four different women and a wife he’s still legally married to (though they’ve since reportedly Next up, we see that Erica’s calm relationship with Lil Scrappy may get all kinds of rocky, as she tells Momma Dee that Scrappy is legally obligated to pay child support — and it looks like Erica isn’t taking any prisoners, since she’s got a lawyer telling her that they can have Scrappy arrested if he refuses to pay.

July 15, 2016: Media Take got some scorching hot Love & Hip Hop drama.Exes, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s own Yung Joc and Karlie Redd recently got into it on social media when Joc suggested that Karlie missed him putting it down, and Karlie says she used to play with his ass. On my kids you ain’t never put your fingers in my a-s b-tch. Put it on your daughter life, put it on on your mama life. Yung Joc has been the butt of a few jokes in the last few months, mostly regarding his new hairstyle.This time, him and ex-girlfriend Karlie Redd go back and forth via social media about some sexual comments Karlie made towards Joc. Anyway clearly Mona Scott-Young has been with the sh-ts this season and we can’t tell a storyline from real life drama these days.

It’s funny that the women do this because clearly if they really were fingering assholes, they were down for the count when the sexcapades were going down, so what does that say about them.

Anyone that has been watching the show knows that there is all kinds of mess going on with Yung Joc and his baby mama Sina.

Well she apparently got herself someone NEW – on the LOW LOW.

The insider explained “Scrappy walked in on them together.” But what does Bambi herself say to that report? She posted the following shot to her account earlier today: “Lol …

Now I’ve seen media take out say some pretty awful things.

Scrapp’s brother SAS and Joc baby’s momma Sina are dating.