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Who is wwe melina dating

Through love, compassion and jiu-jitsu, we hope that you will that you become a pillar of safety and strength in all the lives you touch.Your mother and I couldn't be more excited to learn, love, and grow with you on this fascinating journey called life!

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Besides wrestling, she is also known as a model, a valet and an actress. There is no any information about her college degree.Moving on to her personal life, she is neither married nor in a relationship.Although, she has a very long history with some of her fellow wrestlers, she hasn’t been anyone’s spouse.In 2000, Perez began training to be a professional wrestler at Jesse Hernandez's School of Hard Knocks, and made her debut in 2002.Famed for her flexibility, utilized during her entrance and in her in-ring maneuvers, Perez was called "one of the best wrestlers in the world" by Bret Hart, and cited by WWE as having "perhaps the most impressive arsenal of offensive maneuvers in WWE history." Perez began her career as a beauty pageant contestant, winning Miss Hawaiian Tropic Anaheim.The other version is nothing more than a rumor that got twisted and pulled into a monstrosity that fans somehow transformed into true facts.

Here, I'll state both versions of the "controversy" and I'll start with the version that I believe is the undisputed factual version.

Lucha Underground sources tell us producers attempted to lock Melina down to a long term deal before Ultima Lucha last season, but she would only sign on for the finale.

Both parties agreed to leave the door open for S2 …

but once storylines were in place, producers had decided to go in a different direction than they had initially planned with Johnny Mundo.

We’re told producers attempted to involve Melina, but the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement.

(born March 9, 1979) is an American model, actress, professional wrestler and valet.