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Who is melissa leo dating

Melissa Leo appeared in all of 15 minutes of last night’s episode of “Louie” as the indelible Laurie and I am already desperate for her to have her own sitcom.I can just see it: FX throws over the infantalizing “Anger Management” and gives “Louie” the partner it deserves, another show about a prickly curmudgeon given to doing uncomfortable, surreal, too honest, sometimes horrible things.

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Sadly, the two of them had a split followed by an ugly legal battle for their son. Or has Melissa been parenting her son single-handedly? So there was a whole lot to be learned every day on the set with all of them and about that scene back then and about who Mitzi Shore is.Carson’s gotten some pretty big stakes going there on national network television in that time and long before computers, long before all the other forms of getting information and finding a way out of your own particular hole up to the top.In 1993, Leo was a little-known 33-year-old whose principal career accomplishment was a Daytime Emmy nomination for her role on “All My Children.” Then she was cast as Detective Sgt.Kay Howard on the breakthrough cop series “Homicide: Life on the Streets,” and everything changed.The latter plays Eli, a piano prodigy who needs to check Penny (Leo), his drug-addict mom, into a rehab facility, audition for a spot in a top-level Boston conservatory, pick up his little sister from school and go after the girl of his dreams amid a Revolutionary War reenactment, all on the same day. chip in with funny, stereotype-defying roles as an inept and ultimately sympathetic pair of criminals.)What I loved about Leo’s work with Eisenberg is that they resist the easy clichés of the situation.

There’s very little bitterness between Eli and Penny: They’re both aware that she’s been a mediocre parent and a miserable role model, but their affection for each other is obvious, and they’re determined to get through the day’s misadventures as a team.

Here was the premise (and you can see the scene at the bottom of this post): Laurie and Louie, in their matching leather jackets, were set up on a date against both of their wills.

After suffering through a silent, awkward dinner, where their host forced them to make inane small talk while Leo aggressively knifed the chard, and gave Louie an all-time-great look of complete and total disdain, the pair sneaked off to a bar, and hit it off about how presumptuous married people can be.

Russell’s “The Fighter.” (And later had to apologize for her off-the-cuff acceptance speech: “When I watched Kate [Winslet] two years ago, it looked so fucking easy!

”)I spoke to Leo a few days ago about her new role in “Why Stop Now,” an agreeable, loose-limbed indie comedy built around the extraordinary mother-son rapport between Leo and Jesse Eisenberg.

Let's find out along with more facts about Melissa and her family!