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Who is joan rivers dating

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According to an exclusive report by While the couple managed to keep their relationship on the down low, Rousso has reportedly been by Melissa Rivers’ side through all the stress of Joan Rivers’ hospitalization and death following a botched surgery in September 2014.The couple made a very public appearance together on February 7 when Rivers brought Rousso as her date to the Pre-Grammy Gala’s Salute To Industry Icons in Los Angeles.

According to the report, this year’s Oscars mark the 20-year anniversary since Melissa and Joan first covered the Oscars red carpet.The series, which premieres Saturday, February 23 at 9/8c on the network, will show off the good times and the awkward ones, which for Melissa includes attempting to keep up her dating life while living in the same home as her mom. ” Michelle Beadle asked Melissa about her dating life. “I think lesbianism is great, ‘cause you can double your wardrobe.” Jokes aside, Joan said the moment happened during an evening out with friends. Many of my friends are gay and it was just — I went to a dinner and I had a couple of drinks and I thought, ‘Come on… “We do have one thing this season where I walk in on her with somebody,” Joan revealed. She should have locked her door.” The incident prompted a discussion of sorts. Melissa Rivers has had a rough couple of month due to the passing of her mother, Joan Rivers.While she put on a strong front, it looks like the 47-year-old found her support system not only in her close family and friends, but also in her boyfriend, Mark Rousso.Through her devotion to animal advocacy, Melissa became a spokesperson and model for PETA's highly publicized I'd Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur campaign.

"It's like what you always said to me when I was single: If you don't go out, you don't meet people," Melissa, 43, tells her.

"He runs the entertainment company, which is rather large.

But we were in Vegas last week for the awards, and a lot of the girls looked so good.

Sometimes I just go to funerals and cry so people think I had a social life.

I just hang around coffins and go, 'We had so much fun! Reflecting on a previous romance, Rivers still finds the silver lining: "The last man I was with, it was nine years, he died three years ago.

While her professional achievements are plentiful, it is her role as a [single] mother to son Cooper that is her biggest accomplishment.