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Updating carte vitale france

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Otherwise, take a final gas meter reading prior to vacating the property; contact GDF to submit the reading; a final bill is sent.

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EDF requires the following to process an account changeover: Gas Gaz de France provides domestic gas to properties in France.• Photocopy of your official birth certificate – the jury is still out at the moment as to whether you need to supply a certified translation () as there are more reforms happening in order to dispense with the necessity to provide these within Europe.However, until these reforms become official and until that news reaches the desk-workers in the CPAM offices, we recommend that you add a certified translation into your application file.NOTE: Following information applies only to students older than 28 years in age Non-European students above the age of 28 years are required to obtain a French social security cum insurance cover which is outside the purview of the “student social security” that applies to all students below 28 years of age. In France, the social security and medical cover are integrated as one.This means that any person (student or non-student) having a legal residence (temporary/permanent) in France will have to be registered with the French authorities for social security (which by default requires/includes medical cover).Therefore, if you are not already registered, now is the time to get into the system.

(See below for how to register for the first time.) Old system: Tax collection previously took place three times during the year: the first ⅓ installment due mid-February, the second ⅓ installment due mid-May, and then the remainder (or a rebate!

Once you have everything together and have filled in the forms, you can hand it in to your local CPAM office or send it via post. If necessary (ie., if you are non-working but under state retirement age), they will then write and ask you to send proof of income so they can calculate your contributions.

You will then receive a temporary Social Security number, followed by a request for a photograph for your , which you should receive next.

Moving house always requires planning and preparation; here are some tips and points about what must be done when moving in France.

If renting property, take note of the rental notice period in the agreement made with the landlord - the notice period is usually three months.

Like other European countries, France uses taxation to fund health care for residents.