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Updating apple iphone

On Monday, new information regarding the device's possible 4K capabilities was uncovered, and today, i OS developer Steven Troughton-Smith dug-up some interesting code that provides insight into Apple's new virtual Home button.

At times the battery percentage will drop below 20 percent and jump back up to 60 percent without any warning.So while we wait for that to get pushed out, we can do a little troubleshooting on our end.Once your device has restarted you should see the battery icon back to normal.Enhanced In-Store App Experiences Optimize your visit by checking-in for appointments upon arrival, scanning accessories for self-checkout, and much more. ***The My Verizon App is now available to conveniently serve all prepaid self-service needs.There have been numerous reports from owners of the i Phone 6 or i Phone 6s Plus, stating that their battery percentage icon is no longer updated.This helps import contacts/numbers to Gmail from a saved file (.csv).

***The My Verizon App works best if you are on one of our newer plans. Switch now.*** The My Verizon app lets you manage your entire Verizon account from anywhere.

Apple has recognized the issue and is supposedly researching a fix that they will include in their next i OS update.

On their own support page Apple states, “If you change the time on your i Phone 6s or i Phone 6s Plus manually or change time zones when traveling, you might notice that the battery percentage doesn’t update.” So, that’s what they are saying could be the cause, but don’t have a software fix.

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Developers have been digging up a lot of unverified details about the rumored i Phone 8 in the recently released Home Pod firmware.

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