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Test your dating compatibility

I swear the more impatient I became, the slower she moved. In the end, our fundamental incompatibilities eclipsed the awesomeness and we broke up.In addition, I’m a hardcore extrovert while she was a self-described introvert. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could test your compatibility before wasting years or decades on a relationship that is probably doomed from the beginning?

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Like most clichés this popular belief is overgeneralized and can be misleading, even dangerous.The point here is to see how your date reacts to competitive circumstances. The way they play the game may be similar to the way they handle a disagreement.Instead of the two-hour date, spend a full day with your date.Here are a few things you can do to test the waters, but we recommend that you wait to use these tactics after a few dates.Play ping pong, pool, darts, or console games with your date — any kind of social game will work. If your date is helpful or rooting for you to win, this is a good sign.For example, dependent individuals may be attracted to other individuals who enable or encourage helplessness or dependence.

Similarly, a person who is passive and another who is dominant may seem like a match.

Several years ago I was in a long-term relationship with a woman I was convinced was my soul mate.

I told anyone who would listen that she was “the one.” We laughed at the same jokes, listened to the same music and enjoyed the same movies. But as time passed, I noticed some pretty serious incompatibilities in our personalities.

Screen your partner for compatibility in these critical categories: Chemistry: Chemistry is the foundation for every relationship. Is dating someone of lesser intelligence an option? Appearance: Are you meticulously groomed or coolly unkempt?

Not everyone can pull off a Carville / Matalin marriage. By screening people in the aforementioned categories, you will never be tempted to date someone who is not aligned with your standards.

Ask yourself if you are truly comfortable crossing into someone else’s monetary world. There’s a difference between laughing together and laughing at the other person…Politics: Do you pine for Palin? Whatever the answer is, evaluate the long-term viability of your relationship if you feel about your political affiliation. If your answer is unequivocally “yes”, and your partner’s answer is a definitive “no”, move on. Hold yourself accountable for the choices you are making; do not ignore the red flags!