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On , the Constitutional Court ruled that current marriage laws are unconstitutional and that same-sex couples should have the right to marry.The court has given the Legislative Yuan two years to adequately amend Taiwanese marriage laws.

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Bills to legalise same-sex marriage are currently pending in the Legislative Yuan.

If any of these bills were to pass, Taiwan would become the first country in Asia to allow same-sex marriage.

However, the rights afforded in these partnerships are very limited; there are as many as 498 exclusive rights related to marriage that include property rights, social welfare and medical care.

On , the special municipality of Kaohsiung announced a plan to allow same-sex couples to mark their partners in civil documents for reference purposes, although it would not be applicable to the healthcare sector; Taiwan LGBT Rights Advocacy, an NGO, criticized the plan as merely a measure to "make fun of" the community without having any substantive effect.

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