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Sql server view not updating

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Well, here’s a T-SQL script which will help solve this problem for you.It’ll add a job step to the beginning of each database job that looks to see if it’s on the primary replica or not.

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Click the Documentation tab for a detailed list of the projects, including the version of SQL Server that is required, requirements, and when the project was last updated: Activity Viewer Provides functionality for SSAS similar to the SQL Server stored procedure sp_who and the kill command in Transact-SQL.Displays users, connections, and processes for an instance of Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.Use the tool to retrieve a list of these items and, if you want to, to stop a process.Get intuitive overviews of health and performance, automated alerts and actions, and mobile device support.Establish around-the-clock agentless monitoring from a centralized diagnostic server for a single view across multiple clients, with alarms and notifications when performance deviates from pre-set operating thresholds.Oracle provides product support only for Oracle8 and later, so this article assumes that you're running Oracle8 or later.

The Oracle Net8 library provides the client software that SQL Server needs.

Install quickly and monitor large environments easily.

Template configurations, automated alerts and customizable actions make configuration a breeze.

To be safe, backup your msdb database before running this.

Nothing should go wrong, but you’ll notice that this script deletes the job steps then puts them back in.

Ensure peak performance around the clock with unmatched monitoring, diagnosis and optimization of SQL Server environments.