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Despite upwards of 25,000 gallons of water being pumped on to the track during the day, riders from both sides struggled on the slick surface with six races rerun and two awarded as 13 riders were involved in accidents. Skipper Darryl Ritchings was also among the fallers and was disappointed to contribute just four points.Reserve David Wallinger impressed with two heat wins in his paid 12-point score.

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All pulleys held in stock are the standard Taper-Lock type.This clearly is when the component was made and not when the bike was made, but unless the component or bike manufacturer had lots of stock lying around in inventory, the date should be a fairly good indication of the year of the bike.At least it would be the earliest date that the bike could have been made.THE Swindon Sprockets beat the Isle of Wight Warriors 49-41 at the Abbey last Thursday to complete the double and put themselves in a good position to win the three-strong National Trophy group.Zach Wajtknecht won his first four races and only a defeat by the former Robins reserve Nathan Greaves after a slow start in the last race of the night prevented his going through the card unbeaten.Timing Belts - come in all widths, pitches, and sizes, for this reason the popular Fenner series' L and H are stocked in near entirity, while others such as the HTD series are partially stocked.

There are some series of timing belts that can only be made to order. Chain We are offical distributors for Tsubaki chain and as such can offer world class technical expertise through joint salesman / technician visits.

The rear derailleur freewheel/cassette and chainwheels are probably the first to be changed on a bike.

On a vintage bike in excellent condition (that apparently had a lonely existence in a garage) all of the components likely are original.

Belts Vee and Wedge Belts - are stocked extensivley, we keep most A / SPA / B / SPB / C / SPC / Z / SPZ section belts in stock, popular belt sizes are also kept in CRE (cogged) form.

Most of the belts in stock are manufactured by Fenner, however other manufacturers belts are available at short notice, for example - Gates and Optibelt.

I've started to use bulk load film (Ultrafine 400) and I've noticed that after I've developed it the sprocket holes are torn and twisted. I don't know if this is because of my camera (Rebel 2000), the film itself, or the loader (a Watson bulk loader).