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When you finally come down your going to know what hell feels like ;) I wish you luck tonight & I am not being sarcastic, I've made errors of judgement like that before but you learn very quickly not to do them aagain. then try and get some sleep, I feel pins and needles all over my body slightly tingling, breathing slower, and I keep noticing my jaw is moving every time I think about it I have bought some (3.0000e 6g, or 3g in other words), and it smells really fruity, Its doughy, would say not the same as play dough...

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One local business woman, exasperated with people stealing her sign has taken to adding another “g” in the hope it will deter thieves. Earlier this year Telstra suffered a massive network outage which they blamed on ONE GUY putting a plug into the wrong hole. How the hell do they not have measures in place for this kind of monumental fuck up? Last Thursday night when Telstra had it’s second outage this year I got to experience again what it was like to be back in 1985. I leave a meeting in South Melbourne to get into the city where I will meet a friend I met on a plane a few months earlier. I call The Husband who cautions me not to be hacked up into little bits on the way to the dinner where he will later meet me. I use the Telstra phone to find my friend (who has flown in from Canada) using google maps. The Husband spends the next few hours imagining me hacked up in tiny pieces as the last time he heard from me I was in an Uber. It takes a good while before I realise the entire network is down and I can’t do anything. Loads of people are standing around banging on their screens trying to get something to happen.For years I’ve put up with the sub standard customer service and shitty overseas call centres so I could enjoy the faster internet speeds, better coverage, 4G network and ability to ditch my landline. The restaurant can’t even accept payment because Telstra own those landlines that the Eftpos machines run through. Fuck You for your crap overseas call centres and shitty contracts.I’ve moved house multiple times and each time dealing with Telstra is a fucking nightmare filled with tearful phone calls, technicians that don’t show up, and conflicting information. I am trying to tether my phone to my friends phone just to use viber to call other people and try to track him down. Fuck You for trying to charge me a $15 late payment fee which you are never fucking getting.there is no safe way to answer you're question as we don't know what you have, if you have any doubts just flush it, it's not like base is the most expensive thing in the world! just gonna keep it for a bit, wonder if anyone has had anything like this before, Even if it is cut... cant remember if it was particularly weak or strong now but it didnt do me any harm IIRC speed is or can be made out of some kind of nut [ i could well be wrong... ^Well that could be a reason, I won't have any today... and this is really strong rock cocaine, I could feel my heart pounding on my chest haha Anyways...

a mod can either close / delete this now if they want :), thanks justin Well I have done like 400mg of coke first time ever, maybe 350mg of speed / base also my first time ever, and had a little bit of weed Someone tell me how long it takes for base to hit you when bombed / swallowed? it tastes absolutely disgusting when i licked my finges As others have said like cat piss or ammonia (for me it's more cat per smell) Just a point of interest but doesn't cyanide have a sweet nut smell too?

Or the random Canadian friend from the plane has conspired with Benny the nice smelling Uber dude and they’ve both taken half of my chopped remains and strewn them all across Melbourne in a murderous frenzy. He sends me a TEXT MESSAGE FROM A FUCKING PAYPHONE.

I can think of only one other industry where putting something in the wrong hole is acceptable. Benny the Uber dude smells nice and he looks like he knows where he is going. As far as he knows Benny the nice smelling Uber dude has poked my chopped remains down a drain hole and driven off.

I like to raise my Donger I do it all the time ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ and every time its lowered┌༼ຈل͜ຈ༽┐ I cry and start to whine ┌༼@ل͜@༽┐But never need to worry ༼ ºل͟º༽ my Donger's staying strong ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノA Donger saved is a Donger earned so sing the Donger song!

I am one of millions of Telstra customers who foolishly believed “You get what you pay for” when it comes to Telstra services. Which is totally fucking useless because it doesn’t let me ring or text back. Fuck You Telstra for ruining my night out and making my husband think I was dead.

I figured I'd take away the incumbent advantage and hopefully open some space for new, fresh insults.