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Sophos not updating on server

Go To Download Page for UW Faculty/Staff (and institutional systems) Go To Download Page for UW Students Sophos Anti-Virus version 9 is supported for use with mainstream Linux distributions such as Red Hat Linux and UBUNTU.

sophos not updating on server-50

We have been working with Sophos support and it has now been escalated twice. Unidesk 5.3Esxi 5.5 U1 Wayne Hello, last may we had a lot of trouble after a Sophos-Update. After that it works fine until the next Sophos-Update in January 2017.Since those login credentials were working in my shop for machines in Active Directory OUs that the Sophos enterprise console was managing, that meant that those credentials were available somewhere on the system.After working on the problem in his own shop, Tim Kimpton figured out that both of the following files were needed: /Library/Preferences/com.plist /Library/Sophos Anti-Virus/Sophos.keychain Once I had this information and understood what was going on, I was able to build and deploy a Sophos Enterprise Anti-Virus for Mac OS X 9.x installer that was able to install a pre-configured set of auto-update settings. Packages A copy of the Sophos installer package from your Sophos enterprise server.I already have another anti-virus application installed on my computer. Before installing Sophos, make sure that you have already uninstalled all other anti-virus programs (such as Norton Anti-Virus, Mc Afee Virus Scan, etc.) from your computer.Sophos antivirus uses a small set of data files that need to be updated periodically.Contact your support personnel.” •Sophos appears to install successfully but returns the error “You do not have sufficient privileges to run the Sophos Anti-Virus main application.

You are not a member of one of the Sophos groups…” •I am having problems uninstalling Sophos from my computer The Sophos installer files fail to extract properly Before the actual installation process begins, Sophos will attempt to extract and copy all of the installation files into your C:\Windows\Temp folder.

However, for their customers using Sophos Enterprise Console, Sophos still provides an installer metapackage.

This is good news for Mac admins, but the configuration and login credentials that used to be stored in /Library/Preferences/com.plist in Sophos 8.x has been overhauled in Sophos 9.x.

Some anti-spyware programs may prevent you from extracting these files properly.

Please temporarily disable any anti-spyware programs on your computer.

A copy of the Sophos.keychain file, which will need to be taken from the following location on a Sophos Enterprise-managed machine: /Library/Sophos Anti-Virus/Sophos.keychain A copy of the com.plist file, which will need to be taken from the following location on a Sophos Enterprise-managed machine: /Library/Preferences/com.plist 1.