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Sex dating in steubenville ohio

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Two 16-year-old “Big Red” football players are charged with raping a West Virginia girl and one of the teens is charged with photographing her nude.They are set to be tried in Juvenile Court in February.

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Mark Cole, 17, said he recorded the video in the car ride between two house parties in Steubenville.Cole also testified that Mays unsuccessfully attempted to have the alleged victim perform oral sex on him in the basement of the second home.He told the court she was too intoxicated for the act. Mays and “Big Red” wide receiver Ma’Lik Richmond, 16, have been accused of using their hands to penetrate the girl from a nearby West Virginia community, an act that Ohio law defines as rape. 11, first in the back seat of the car and then in the basement of a house during a booze-fueled high school party.I don’t want to let you know that the girl only found out about the full gravity of the sexual assault via social media the next day.I don’t want to let you know that there was a house full of people who saw her being roofied, gang raped and abused and did nothing, except tweet and post to Instagram about it.Cole, who was granted immunity for his testimony, said he drank eight to 10 beers on that night last August and acknowledged that his memory of the incident was fuzzy.

“It was one of those moments you realize you did something wrong or stupid,” Cole said, explaining why he deleted the video.

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio -- The story of a reported rape in the small Ohio Valley town of Steubenville that started last summer with the vulgar Tweets of a few teenaged athletes has gone viral around the world.

A recently released video of a teen joking about the attack has added fuel to the story that was first reported by The Plain Dealer in September.

I certainly don’t want to also tell you that some members of the community are ignoring all this evidence and calling the victim the “train whore“.

I don’t want to add that the reason the boys are considered innocent by their community is because they are superstar athletes on the town’s football team or that the victim is being accused of lying about the rape because, and I quote what Steubenville resident Nate Hubbard actually said to the , “What else are you going to tell your parents when you come home drunk like that and after a night like that? Now people are trying to blow up our football program because of it.” I don’t want any of this to exist because I don’t want rape and abuse to exist.

And of course, people also then later made videos laughing about how she had been raped “dead.” I don’t want to tell you that, either.