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Sandra bullock and hugh grant dating

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Miss Congeniality star Bullock plans to devote her time off to producing her TV program, George Lopez.Anyone who thinks Hugh Grant is not an accomplished actor is surely underestimating how difficult it is to do light comedy.

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It was the massive success of Four Weddings and Funeral in 1994, frothy as Asti Spumante, that sealed his stardom, cemented his screen persona, and subsequently triggered rabid tabloid curiosity about his off-screen relationships with Elizabeth Hurley and Jemima Khan.Hugh says, "I have been saying that stuff for years and years but I never do seem to give it up. I have no plans at all for the next year or the rest of my life.It is a very strange feeling." » Kooky movie star Sandra Bullock has said that she will quit romantic comedies after finishing work on her latest film Two Weeks Notice.I really do that well, and I'm still convinced that I'm here because someone dropped out. They know I'm home on Saturday." RELATED: Sandra Bullock's House Gets Broken Into!The star added, "I'd like to thank my style and makeup artist for creating this illusion. I'm just one of the luckiest girls in the world." Adding of the men on-stage, "Three of the people that I'm just so crazy about are right next to me." Who do you think deserves the Decade of Hotness award next year?leading man Keanu Reeves who brought Bullock to tears.

"Sandra, your heart, your soul, your light, your talent that you share with all of us is amazing and wonderful and extraordinary," the 49-year-old actor gushed.

"You are one of a kind and you are definitely, definitely hot! I've tried to kiss you, successfully and unsuccessfully.

" co-star Matthew Mc Conaughey also showed up to dote on the 49-year-old actress. I've been directed by you, in a short film and also to the exit of many bars," the 44-year-old actor, who was the Guys Choice Man of the Year, said of his former girlfriend.

Lucy meets George in an attempt to stop the destruction of the Coney Island community center from her childhood.

He attempts to hire her to replace his old Chief Counsel, Amber.

George Wade (Hugh Grant) is an arrogant billionaire real estate tycoon who has almost everything and knows almost nothing.