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Redmine repository not updating

redmine repository not updating-22

In my last post I showed how to build a simple hooking system for gitolite Now I just want to share a very small script used to update Redmine changesets when you push to a git repository.

$ ls branches config description HEAD hooks info objects packed-refs refs $ git fetch remote: Counting objects: 5, done.However, I'm very noobish with Git, so I'm unable to even do a simple task here As shown with the last "diff", the "testing" directory and "testing2" directory work exactly as expected.The "git pull" command synchronizes the two directories.Certainly, Redmine (especially its community) does much more to support Github.Thus, there is the plenty of tutorials describing how to mirror and keep Github repositories in sync for Redmine (e.g., this or this).I've updated to version 0.4.2, and this problem still exists.

I've tested with a clean install of Redmine as well, problem seems to still exist.

First, the big picture: I'm trying to write a git post-receive script for a Redmine / Gitolite server I'm running.

As per various recommendations, I'm creating a bare and local repository for Redmine to read from, and I'm setting up a post-receive script on Gitolite to push changes into the Redmine repo.

However, associated revisions don't show up in issues automatically for commits made to any branch other than master.

If I jump to the repository tab and browse the branch in question, I can see my most recent commits, and only after this step are the associated revisions listed under the issues they refer to.

It is even capable of reading through commit messages and closing tickets based on the contents, a very useful feature that we are taking advantage of.