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In February 2016, Sanchez Ramos was caught trying to artificially inflate his sales figures at T-Mobile to get a bigger commission, reported The Smoking Gun.The man was sentenced to 18 months of probation and ordered to pay a fine.

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Vani and Rani are twin sisters who get married to an elder and younger brother of the same family respectively.By Jon Graef (MA ’11) / Jul 30, 2014Rami Gabriel was finishing a Ph D program in psychology in California when one of his friends told him about an assistant professor job opening at Columbia College Chicago.The application was due the next night, so Gabriel stayed up all night to complete it.His past criminal record also includes a 2013 arrest on a charge of grand theft that was dismissed after he completed a pretrial diversion program for first-time offenders.Psychology professor Rami Gabriel talks about arts, sciences and playing music.What’s it like being in a scientific field at an arts school?

How do you engage with students at what’s primarily known as an arts college? What I try to do with all my classes is show that each topic, whether it’s consciousness or self and identity, has multiple approaches.

After the device was rebooted and reactivated, the female customer noticed that someone had opened her email account and that a sexually explicit video that was stored on her phone was sent to an unfamiliar electronic address believed to belong to Sanchez Ramos, reported ABC Action News.

The woman later went to the police and made complaint that led to the store employee's arrest.

Randi Zurenko begged to be spared a custodial sentence for the sake of her five kids after being accused of more than 200 charges.

The 33-year-old told a court in the US state of Carolina that she is not a sexual predator, saying: "I am ashamed to be here"I have never coerced anyone.

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