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Random spoon cam

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Prior to bringing Ray up for the role-playing exercise, the parenting teacher erases a circled phrase from the chalkboard.Throughout the scene, the chalked circle flips several several times between being totally erased and having a faint outline left over.

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Harry Wang and Katie Waddell are the engaged couple & co-owners behind the hugely successful US-inspired yoghurt concept – which has won multiple awards in the two years since the first shop opened.We plan to recruit about 12-15 staff depending and we should be up and running by the end of October to the beginning of November.” The multi-award winning, independent frozen yogurt chain was originally set up in east Belfast’s vibrant Ballyhackamore area in October 2014, before further expanding with its popular Ann Street store in the city centre – located right beside Little Wing.Spoon Street led to a number of fellow frozen yoghurt dessert chains opening across the city – many of which didn’t fare quite as well.The couple met when Katie was on a gap year for work experience in New Jersey, and they soon felt inspired to bring the American concept of self-serve frozen yoghurt across the Atlantic.We chatted to the couple, who told us: “Lisburn Road was always a location we anticipated since our beginning.Finally, sticking with the nature theme, the tripod base is made out of oak, which could be seen as the tree or branch the pinecone sitting atop of it came from.

Detectives are supposed to find things, but one day at the park, Bones loses just about everything: his magnifying glass, his dog, and even his detective bag.

The large spoon and fork in Frank and Marie's kitchen change positions, right to left, and up and down.

In some episodes the fork is on the right, and in others it is on the left.

There’s more exciting news for ‘froyo’ fans – as the couple behind Spoon Street have just announced they are opening their third brand new store in Belfast.

The new store will be based in the South of the city, in the heart of the bustling Lisburn Road at the former Marks & Spencer store.

Pinecones inspired the shape as the spoons are arranged in a spiral traveling upwards.