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The Andy Warhol Museum is among the biggest museums featuring just one artist on the planet.

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It is among the greatest model dinosaurs produced by a mainstream manufacturer and with its fine details it will be somewhat popular. Uri Avnery, then a radical young Member of the Israeli Parliament, had been one of the first Israelis to call for creating a Palestinian state in the newly-occupied territories.As a matter of fact, it was not this which initially drew me to the party – but rather its opposition to "the rotten old parties" which dominated Israeli politics, as well as the call to separate religion and state.So it really can help the students later on whilst getting the job.Education helps us with lots of things, but most significantly, it empowers somebody to think, question, and see past the obvious.Ha Olam Ha Zeh was, in fact, rather similar to the Dutch D-66 party, launched at much the same time.

It was only gradually, over a period of some two years, that I fully accepted the idea of Israel making peace with the Palestinians and getting out of the Occupied Territories.

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We were shocked, we did not want to believe it, we said "This can’t be true, our army does not do such things! Later that night, we went out with some three thousand leaflets, badly printed on an old stencil machine, which contained what the soldier had told.

We put them into postboxes around Tel Aviv – "To let the people know what the government was hiding from them" – and looked behind our shoulders to make sure there were no police patrol cars in the streets.

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