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Phped updating code explorer tree

As I have no experience with it, please, could anybody of you help me with the scripting and setup - any hints? If you're not using the git CLI (which I highly recommend, by the way), you should be able to use any git GUI client, such as Source Tree. After installing and configuring Tortoise, you'll be able to run git commands directly from Windows Explorer as well as from PHPEd's own windows. I actually don't recommend Tortoise Git, since it's heavily influenced by Tortoise SVN, and thus, SVN-style workflows, instead of git-style workflows.

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In order to grant this right, you must have either produced this content yourself, or acquired it from the public domain or a source that allows this licensing.Hi all, new to Phpstorm here, testing it out on trial version and very interested in buying the full pro version.It's been lots of fun configuring it for CI and theming it, all in all I'm blown away I haven't been using Phpstorm earlier.Users should be able to use any git client, not just Tortoise Git. As replacemnet of Eclipse git plugin Egit, I started to use Source Tree.I find it powerfull with a nice interface, but a bit slow.Some developers have a defined workflow and are used to using various tools independently.

Once you’ve molded your habits into a workflow, drastic changes aren’t generally met with enthusiasm.

This is painful to do though :/Sorry for my bad english, it's my fourth language, I hope I provided enough information.

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As I explained in my previous post, I've been on the hunt for a new PHP IDE.

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