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Paula deanda and baby bash dating

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More recommended shows, naughty and nice, from our music writers: Thursday Susan Gibson, Josh Grider, Drew Kennedy, Kelley Mickwee, Brady Zdan at Cheatham Street Warehouse (San Marcos).For decades, Cheatham Street has been a proving ground for singing songwriters.

"Easy" rides a psychedelic pop groove, and "When It Was a Me" is a tear-stained ode to lost love, anchored by impressively emotive vocal work.(2005) were modest successes but did little to establish Bash — whose real name is Ronnie Ray Bryant — as a standout frontman. (See sider.) But is poised to elevate his profile as a recording artist.As for the cutesy moniker — Baby Bash — the performer credits a past automobile of choice as the initial inspiration. Back in the day, I had a Mitsubishi mini-truck, a little hoopty truck. "I'm a (fried) alligator, Greek salad-type guy." SPM, whose real name is Carlos Coy, is currently in jail for sexually assaulting a 9-year-old girl but continues to release records via the web. 2006.) Bash continues to support SPM's musical efforts. The record is his first for major label Arista and was created under the watchful ear of music mogul Clive Davis.Texas-born Paula De Anda's slick, solid debut disc does something most teen singers attempt, but few fail to accomplish: It glimmers with youthful energy that should appeal to her age group, and it offers enough weighty flavor to attract older listeners.De Anda's vocals are confident and charismatic on party jam "Make 'Em Clap To This" and urban-tinged debut hit "Doin' Too Much." Follow-up radio single "Walk Away (Remember Me)" is even better, like a lost track from Mariah Carey's Mimi opus.It rhymed with 'cash' and some funny stuff when I'd rhyme." Bash first came to Houston in in 2000 at the invitation of South Park Mexican, who admired the Californian's lyrical flow.

[Intro - Akon & Baby Bash]Hoooo Yeah Said everything that you want me do I'll do it Tell me what the word is already [x4][Chorus - Akon]Don't look no farther!

Cheatham founder Kent Finlay and the Songwriters’ Circle troupe will celebrate Christmas on Wednesday.

Mario Flores & The Soda Creek Band at Thirsty Horse Saloon. Friday Hold Fast Fables ( p.m.), The Lavens (9 p.m.) at The Cove.

Signed on the spot by Clive Davis, 16-year-old singer-songwriter Paula De Anda is already turning heads with her soulful, sexy, electrifying style.

Her song, "Doing Too Much" has already done so much, quickly climbing Billboard's charts!

Talking about her personal life, she is currently single.