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(In this dialogue the writer has taken the philosophical licence of dispensing with the dimension of time, which otherwise led to blatant anachronisms.The dialogue tries to recapture the early Platonic, alias Socratic, manner and tenor of discussion, and so is an homage to an intellectual exercise which defies the vicissitudes of time in other ways.) Constant: How good to see you, Socrates!


Maybe a book-store specializing in classics of literature.Every few hundred years it’s renewed and a secret organization made up of both races, called the Black Guard, enforces the treaty and protects the innocent.Our man, Taki Renzaburo is the best agent the humans have to offer.How persistently they keep looking for new things to acquire! As you see, Socrates, I have remained your faithful disciple.Socrates: You greatly honour me, my dear Constant, by crediting me with being the educator of such a distinguished man as yourself, although, as you must know, I have no knowledge of any worth myself, and so I could not have imparted knowledge or wisdom to you – or anyone else for that matter. For I do not imagine a busy man like you walking around the mall for mere sociological observation or idle contemplation!Have you checked root's mailbox to see if logrotate is crashing before reaching rsyslog?

(It shouldn't be, as it's updated the status file, but you never know.) -- Paul Martin watch a forced rotation, use -v (--verbose). This reveals: rotating pattern: /var/log/syslog forced from command line (7 rotations) empty log files are not rotated, old logs are removed considering log /var/log/syslog log needs rotating rotating log /var/log/syslog, log-rotate Count is 7 dateext suffix '-20140112' glob pattern '-[0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9][0-9]' compressing log with: /bin/gzip error: error creating output file /var/log/syslog.1.gz: File exists log /var/log/syslog.8doesn't exist -- won't try to dispose of it (and analogous for all the other logfiles managed by logrotate) Related projects: : :' : proud Debian developer

Due to our dog developing canine diabetes, she had multiple accidents throughout the house.

Many of which had set in due to our not being able to find the accidents right away.

The symptoms are generally harder on older people, people who have a compromised immune system, and young children.

Most often, it is an uncomfortable bout of diarrhea and vomiting.

You can apply SNi PER to protect yourself in many ways.