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This type of transparency has the potential to go a long way toward getting the average citizen to speak up about restraining government spending.

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The statue in Verona, which was dedicated in 1952, used to sit between the two large plaques at the corner of Allegheny River Boulevard and Lamagna Drive; however, it was replaced by a monument topped with an eagle after the beloved statue fell in 2007.To find the most comfortable boots, be sure to try on our snowboard boots from New Balance, Nitro, and Northwave.Founded in 1990 in Seattle, Nitro Snowboards creates top quality products with unique technologies like the "Rail Killer Edge" and "Whiplash Profile." They also produce snowboard boots, featuring one of the quickest speedlace systems on the market, as well as some of the most secure bindings out there.Hit the slopes in style when you shop for your new skis from our store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Whether you are looking for snowboards or the latest ski equipment, you'll find everything you need for a day in the snow at Eastern H2O.“The memorials are an integral part of our community,” Rhoda Worf, Verona council member, said.

“It’s important to remember those who fought for our freedom.” Worf cites the “Verona Doughboy” as the most famous tribute in Verona.

Lively is the place where active adults in the Pittsburgh region go to pursue their passions, share their ideas, and help shape their communities.

Launched in early 2015, the genesis of Lively Pittsburgh goes back much further.

I had a doctors appointment today and while out in the car I was listening to AM radio.

When the local news came on I was surprised to hear that Pittsburgh's new Mayor working in conjunction with City Council was in the process of creating an "open data" bill for the city.

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