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Naked pof

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I like those with big blue eyes, blonde, shaved pussy, just perfect not to big tits and round firm ass.

I think her username was peita..are the guidelines for pics...shirt on, shirt off etc....can post rule violations that you find to the Po F suggestions/spam report thread on Postpage22Especially useful for the blatent underage or the advertising ones. lol.......on a serious side..I wanted to see nudes and porn I would go to a porn site.can't we can all learn stuff like that from sites like or watching TV's sex with Sue? It must be okay since the moderators haven't deleted them yet.(passing you a prune juice) Nothing wrong with wanting to keep your sexuality private and to yourself, but beware, you have to share sooner or later if its truly and adult site.would we not post nudes? It's kind of like showing us what we're getting for christmas a week before christmas morning. I'm fresh out of highschool and Im technically a dropout but I plan to get my diploma. 26 2014 and right now I'm doing what I can to geoildale California beammeup420 21 Woman Seeking Women Hey Girls" I am quite a handful with long legs and a sense of humor.You can find from cute teens to hot and sexy milfs here.But you can be sure you will see tons of free naked women galleries with the best models out there.I will look lol If I was assured of not being completed deleted I probably would - on the other hand - the younger set would probably flame me big time for it - me being of the half-century generation and all, they would call it a perversion lol - beer belly and all hiccup What about verbal nudity? just mature and the kinky test for us so we can be sure..

I noticed a series of posts telling people how to perform Fellatio and Cunnilingus ..there are no rules about that...yes i know POF is public, ( and may i add a fantastic site)... I guess what im saying pics with to a private room or private chat... (ok ok i need some prune juice)tallndarkone: I thought that too at first, that the sexual posts may be too much but then again, this is an 'adult' site so if its offensive to some, just don't read it. hehe I think people can and should post whatever they choose to on here. I also think that leaving some to the imagination is the best way to go.

The photo was "NOT" suggestive and it was in good taste.

This woman had class, but when I notified her of it, she acted as if it was my fault that it was there. I must confess that I "did" share with her how that photo inspired me.

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