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Most intimidating college football chants

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These American (and one Canadian, or Canadien) teams — college and pro — have the most loyal and unruly followings, each of which demonstrates its love by singing, chanting, screaming and cursing its team to victory on a regular basis.

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You aren't a football fan if that doesn't give you goosebumps. Throw in an unofficial master’s degree in knowledge of the game and history of the game, and all of it blends into a perfect concoction of fanatical fervor.It’s the quality that stamps a fan base with the reputation that it’s not to be messed with, and most of the time that trickles down to the place where games are really won and lost.As one of the loudest and most rabid atmospheres in the nation, LSU boasts one of the most daunting home-field advantages in college football — especially at night.Les Miles has three perfect home seasons and is 50-7 in Death Valley overall during his eight seasons as head coach.There are a variety of ways to evaluate the greatness of a stadium.

Huge attendance numbers, home-field advantage in the win-loss column, ear-piercing decibels, rich traditions, picturesque landscapes and amenities are just a few of the aspects that must be considered to rank so many great college football cathedrals.

Home record past 10 years: 63-10Skinny: A little curveball here is well-deserved for the five-time defending FCS champion Bison, which has turned the Fargodome into one of the best home-field advantages in college football.

The Bison has gone a combined 42-3 at its cozy, rabid football barn since 2011, including playoff games, helping it get to all those title games.

So here is our updated, annual edition of the Top 25 fan bases in college football, an inexact science of a countdown admittedly subject to plenty of arguments, questions and criticism.

It’s one person’s eye test that comes from roughly 35 years of following the sport.

Back to the point: a billion dollars per year is a pretty strong popularity indicator. Not only are Michigan fans strong in numbers, but they display an indefatigable passion and love their Wolverines like no other college can.