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Model profile delaware cam

Model profile delaware cam-67

The HUD is marked with outlines for the zoom buttons, a virtual horizon and target reticles to set focus, exposure and white balance points. Once you get a hold of using the HUD, you can whip out your i Phone and take a photo with the focus, exposure and white balance quickly set to your liking.

Model profile delaware cam-86

Funded through a DURIP grant, CCM acquired a CCITech SL8900 Sampling Loom System (2-D Loom, Warper, Sizing Unit) for research and development of composites with custom/hybrid fabric architectures and sizings.The Loom has a weaving width of 17”, multiple weft yarns and programmable weave patterns.The Warper can produce warp beams for short runs (~3 yards) and the Sizing unit allows custom sizing runs for a single end of roving/yarn.It offers more professional options, while still keeping it interface user-friendly.A fighter pilot-style HUD interface is used, opening up most of the screen for viewing.After checking out the quality of the shots, we can easily see some competing in Photo contests from social photography site Viewbug and the travel photo contests from Travel Leisure.

To give you a chance to compete and help bringing your i Phonography to a professional level, without leaving your pocket, here are 10 i Phone camera apps to help: Pro Camera - $2.99 The Pro Camera app is a solid upgrade to the stock i Phone camera app.

With it you can make adjustments to exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation and colour temperature.

You can crop and rotate your picture, along with add a range of filters.

The dual cameras let you see the effect instantly, so you can adjust accordingly.

The phone will also let you know what you need to do to get the best shot.

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