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Modded gamerscore not updating

modded gamerscore not updating-9

I don't have dick, pussy, or cunt bitch ass motherfucker anywhere to be found in my motto or bio. I never cuss or lash out but these people might be reporting me out of spite or hate.

Rotate the card in every possible direction to potentially find a rune.Easy VC Start a game in my Career, set the difficulty to "Hall Of Fame" with 12 minute quarters, and simulate it to the end to get approximately 400 to 800 VC each time, depending on the stats and how well your player negotiated. Note: It will say no VC is awarded for simulating a game, but it will be awarded as long as the game has been simulated once the ball has been tipped-in.This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the game and has now been patched.Doing this would encourage players to rack up as much gamerscore in every game they play in order to receive discounts, or to pay for a certain item fully, by letting go of a couple thousand gamerscore.Our newest Feature Area forum, Clubs & LFG, is now live!I have unlocked all acheivements but showing incomplete in Forza Hub.

Some of our most active members have their consoles modded.

It's a feature that's been in the works for some time, but for console users mods may be a daunting prospect.

I thought it pretty useful as someone who fancies giving Catmeat a shot.

A rune looks like an alien symbol and appears in the left border area of the card, below the "Ovr" rating. Once you find five different runes from viewing and rotating cards, you will get a special rune code that gives you temporary access to the Black Market.

The Black Market allows you to purchase special items, such as a Zebra Ball, Exclusive Rookie of the Year Winners Box (contains 10 Rookie of the Year packs; each 5 item pack includes a single player with the highest chance of pulling a Rookie of the Year card), Diamond Air Jordan III (can be applied to any player and has unlimited uses), and Diamond Contract Card (adds infinite contracts to any player when applied). You can also start a second career if you do not want to have any simulated games under your main career.

(although there's never going to be a good reason as MS would rather you just buy a new disk) EDIT: Sigh, I've been banned.