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Yet Kuwait also enforces some of the most stringent film censorship regulations in the world.KUWAIT – A 41-year old Filipina household service worker has been injured in fall in a bid to escape a prostitution syndicate operated by a Pakistani and Sri Lankan nationals. Maribel arrived in Kuwait last July 2013 to work as household service worker.

That woman, only identified as "Liza", called her up and encouraged her to work in the shop. Pagdating ko doon, lumapit yong Pakistani," she said.Arabia Felix first donned make-up aged ten in his bedroom, playing alone as children often do.Today, aged twenty-three, hundreds of thousands take joy in his artistry, through videos on You Tube and tutorials on drag enjoyed by adoring fans around the globe.Meanwhile, police are looking for an unidentified person for colliding into another vehicle on the Cooperatives Road in Salwa, leaving behind his car and escaping on foot, reports Al-Rai daily.external characteristics and behaviors that societies define as “masculine” or “feminine,” including features such as dress, appearance, mannerisms, speech patterns, and social behavior and interactions.Biological sex is the classification of bodies as male or female on the basis of biological factors, including hormones, chromosomes, and sex organs.

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait — Deep within the Kuwait Ministry of Information’s sprawling, high-security complex, seven government films censors gather for a screening of "The Last Song," a drama starring Miley Cyrus.

The deep-rooted links between drag and queerness only became known to me later. “There were two famous actors in Kuwait during the ’80s and ’90s.

Their drag was unattractive, unpolished and unfeminine, which is different from what I do.

Gender Identity: a person's internal, deeply felt sense of being male or female, or something other than or in-between male and female.

Gender Identity Disorder (GID): the formal diagnosis that psychologists and physicians use to describe persons who experience significant gender dysphoria (discontent with their biological sex and/or the gender they were assigned at birth).

His art, drag alter ego, and sexuality are all outlawed, and yet Arabia remains defiant.