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Justification for consolidating similar systems

You can implement many of these tasks while maintaining continuous application availability.The following sections provide best practice recommendations for reducing scheduled outages on the primary and secondary sites: Table 14-1 shows the preferred solutions for performing scheduled outages on the primary site.

The 2003 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) defines traffic signal preemption as “the transfer of normal operation of a traffic control signal to a special control mode of operation” (1).Outages on the secondary site can be managed with no effect on primary database availability: When scheduling secondary site maintenance, consider that the duration of a site-wide or clusterwide outage adds to the time that the standby database lags behind the primary database, which in turn lengthens the time to restore fault tolerance.See Section 9.2, "Determine Protection Mode and Data Guard Transport"for an overview of the Data Guard protection modes.Preemptive control may be given to trains, boats, emergency vehicles, and light rail transit.It is commonly used for fire engines because the size of their vehicles makes them less able to move through traffic without the aid of preemption.If an arrested person is found guilty, it is a judicial function to set out the punishment of the individual on a case-by-case basis guided by the statutory parameters set out by the legislature.

The four traditional goals of punishment are: deterrence, incapacitation (incarceration), retribution, and rehabilitation.

Second, it would expedite redress procedures for those who feel they have been incorrectly identified as national security threats.

Finally, it would save money by making redundant a number of civilian employee and contractor positions while obviating the need for maintaining two secure facilities and their accompanying infrastructures.

Mandatory minimum sentences, first established in Connecticut in 1969 and expanded throughout the 1980s and 1990s, exemplify a shift in public policy to impose a specific amount of imprisonment based on the crime committed and the defendant’s criminal history, and away from other individual offender characteristics and circumstances.

A mandatory minimum sentence requires a judge to impose a statutorily fixed sentence on individual offenders convicted of certain crimes, regardless other mitigating factors.

Scheduled outages on the secondary site may impact availability of applications that use Active Data Guard to offload read-intensive work from the primary database.