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Jiyong and dara seen dating

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The amusing witch hunt began when Dara uploaded a set of Instagram photos on January 25.The 2NE1 member was seen wearing a knitted mask while a hand was playfully touching parts of her covered face, including her nostrils and chin.

Sandara Park talked about the “dating scandal” with fellow YG labelmate, G-Dragon.On the other hand, Sandara Park will also talk about 2NE1‘s disbandment as one of the “talk buskers” in the episode.In one of the photos, we see a photo of a camera that’s shooting G Dragon on what looks like the set of a music video. That’s how we do and did a great job as always.” G-Dragon posted in the caption.Eagle-eyed fans commented that in three of the four photos, the hand touching Dara's face was from another person's.Some fans insist that the mysterious hand belongs to none other than Big Bang leader G-Dragon who has been linked at some points with Dara, especially after the former's reported break-up with Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara.The group itself may be taking a hiatus soon because of T.

Dispatch has captures BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and his alleged on-and-off again girlfriend, Kiko Mizuhara on an alleged date!

But others also claim that it could not be G-Dragon's hand because of the lack of a tattoo, and that the artist still has not come back to South Korea from his France trip.

The majority of fans seem to agree that the hand likely belongs to WINNER member Mino who has reportedly been spotted with the ring. Look Mino on Instagram wearing that jacket and same ring," "It's a front cam that's why the position of the pic changes.

While some still doubted whether it was really Sandara who was spotted at the IG BANG leader’s concert, clearer videos have surfaced confirming that she was in attendance.

(Photo : Drama Mania/Youtube) Fans who caught Sandara Park attending rumored boyfriend G-Dragon's "ACT III: MOTTE" concert in Seoul could not help but hope that dating rumors between the two K-pop superstars are true.

The photos above were posted to Mizuhara Kiko’s SNS account on the night of the 7th.