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Russia's president needed a way to keep his base from traveling. No show was more popular in Russia than the Brazilian morality soap , which regularly drew 25 million viewers to the state-owned network ORT.

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When alcoholism starts being a big problem for the addict, it shows in their failure to successfully deal with work-related and other responsibilities, as alcohol dominates every aspect of their life, including their relationships.claiming money to which she was entitled was covered by their prenup.It's unclear if the terms of the prenup were honored in the settlement, but typically there's give and take in these divorce agreements.Alcoholism is harmful and damaging for every addict, but when it comes to celebrities it reaches a completely different level, as their lives and careers are in the public spotlight.Alcoholism can threaten to destroy a celebrity’s career and significantly affect their personal as well as public life.Here are 26 celebrities whose lives and careers have been affected by alcoholism: , which he directed, produced and starred in. However, his career suffered the consequences of his drinking problem.

In 2006, Mel Gibson was arrested for drunk driving and this event led to many other problems that affected both his public and personal life.

But the so-called idiot box also swings elections, rewires brains, snares criminals, and even sways the Supreme Court.

: The show that won a presidential election As Russians were gearing up to go to the polls in July 1996, Boris Yeltsin was nervous about his job. With the sun shining and the temperatures pleasant, Yeltsin fretted that his city-dwelling supporters would decamp to their dachas, or country cottages, instead of staying home and voting.

Most daguerreotypes were studio portraits, where the subject posed for the photograph at the photographer's studio.

Daguerreotypes featuring outdoor or street scenes are far rarer.

Because most dachas didn't have televisions, viewers stayed in the city, glued to their sets.