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's most divisive season in the history of the show ended with Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom teaming up against Negan's Saviors.

Eugene later brought poison, which was not what she wanted.'For the record I absolutely do not want you to go, but it sounds to me like you're already gone,' he said.Matt Stifler wants to be just like his big bro, making porn movies and having a good time in college.After sabotaging the school band, he gets sent to band camp where he really doesn't like it at first but then learns how to deal with the bandeez.But fans are wondering if he could soon be a father of 11. Because he left a comment on an MTV reality star’s pregnancy post. There’s a perfectly good explanation for all this, hit the flip.Shortly thereafter a comment from Peter surfaced where he mentioned that he was “calling her”…. But what is this "all-out war" arc that the comics' fans are so excited about?

What loose threads from season seven could be resolved? Please note that we will be describing SPOILERS from the comics, although there is no guarantee that any of this will happen in the TV series.

In the comics, the battle between Rick and Negan spans 12 issues – two whole volumes, titled All Out War, Parts One and Two – and given the show's history of padding out arcs from the comics, we can imagine the two halves mapped to seasons 8A and 8B.

The comics didn't have Jadis's Scavengers, an extra complication that Rick's army has to navigate.

Whilst Oz begins singing to grab attention and Kevin tries to persuade his girlfriend, Finch tries any easy route of spreading rumors and Jim fails miserably.

Whether it is being caught on top of a pie or on the Internet, Jim always ends up with his trusty sex advice from his father.

Say what you want about the killer sharks, but they've got good taste.