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Intimidating black actors

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Desmond "Desi" Piscatella was the Captain of the Guards at Litchfield Penitentiary.

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Think about it: The entire history of Hollywood movies has ignored black male sensuality—acknowledging it in passing, if at all."Piper is a complex character and there's a real Piper, so we wanted to respect that as well.Schilling was somebody who I always had on my list, and I was desperate to get her in.When Orange Is The New Black hit Netflix in July 2013, viewers around the world became increasingly addicted to the female prison dramedy and before long, a cult-like following had formed around all things Litchfield.But while the story of a white, upper-middle class woman who was imprisoned for carrying drugs for her girlfriend a decade prior was what originally lured audiences in, it was all of the characters behind bars with Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) that kept them watching.The interesting thing is that while Batman had always have consistent features and physical attributes within certain continuities, they're not a common knowledge.

There are always deviations from time to time in specials that aren't a part of continuity or one offs, but the regular series had been very much consistent within itself Bruce Wayne/Batman for the most part wasn't a muscular type of a person that relied on strength.

Many of the cast members were relatively unknown actors — with the exception of a few (Laura Prepon, Kate Mulgrew, Taryn Manning, and Natasha Lyonne) — and that was exactly what casting director Jen Euston, who's also worked on Girls and Veep, was going for.

"I never want someone in Litchfield who is recognizable," she told Buzz Feed.

hile some facial features will differ slightly due to variety of styles among the artists, the comic book characters have been more or less consistent throughout their respective eras.

The writers and artists have a list of criteria and basic information on each character that they must follow.

This archetypal Black Gay Male remains an enigma so that people can project their pity, fear, and lust onto him.