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Insufficient key column information for updating and refreshing

You can select data from a materialized view as you would from a table or view.

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Oracle Database can use this materialized view log to perform fast refreshes for all fast-refreshable materialized views based on the master table.SQL Server Statistics assist the query optimiser to calculate the best way of running the query.Holger describes every common way that things can go wrong with statistics, and how to put matters right.So what could go wrong, and what can be done to put things right?We’ll go through the most common problems and explain how it might happen and what to do about it.To fast refresh a materialized join view, you must create a materialized view log for each of the tables referenced by the materialized view.

, then Oracle Database assumes the master table is contained in your own schema.

All three types of materialized views can be used by query rewrite, an optimization technique that transforms a user request written in terms of master tables into a semantically equivalent request that includes one or more materialized views. When you create a materialized view, Oracle Database creates one internal table and at least one index, and may create one view, all in the schema of the materialized view.

Oracle Database uses these objects to maintain the materialized view data.

For replication purposes, materialized views allow you to maintain copies of remote data on your local node.

The copies can be updatable with the Advanced Replication feature and are read-only without this feature.

(See below for more details.) There may be times that you want to only encrypt when certain conditions are met.