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How to stop photoshop cs4 from updating

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Updating the OS can sometimes mess with user permissions.Unfortunately it doesn't give any specific error, it just crashes before even being able to start up.

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Since there was no absolute way to be sure I called Adobe Customer Service on 02 and quoted the serial number. We’d just paid £250 for a Torrent download in a pretty box.To see the external editing application, choose Preferences from the Lightroom menu (Mac) or Edit menu (PC) and go to the Additional External Editor section.Here you can choose the File Format, Color Space, Bit Depth, and Resolution options you want to use when creating an edit version of a master image in either Photoshop or an additional external editing program.The software also installed smoothly and activated without any drama (more on that later).I was 90% sure we’d snapped a bargain when I had a good look at two of the pamphlets in the box – the print quality was horrible, terrible gradients and blurry text (see pic below).I can't get the program to even start so I can't check what settings and preferences I have set. We've seen some customers get an outdated video driver after updating to 8.1.

Go directly to the video card manufacturer's website to install the latest driver:

I have so far covered the image processing that can be done directly in Lightroom using the Develop module controls. The master photos are managed by the Lightroom catalog and the master images are always preserved in their original state.

If you want to edit an already rendered pixel image outside of Lightroom in an image editing program such as Photoshop you can choose to edit the original or edit a new copy version.

Early this week we decided it was time to update our aging copy of Photoshop to the latest version – Photoshop CS4 Extended – but balked at the RRP (around £800).

A quick search of the usual outlets proved there were some savings to be made, including several on e Bay and a couple of Amazon Resellers.[more] Knowing that Amazon would provide their usual high level of customer service if we ran into problems we chanced a Reseller with good feedback and handed over nearly £250.00.

For now, as you can see from the screenshot above, it only goes back one generation.