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There are a total of 12 tracks in this studio album of hers.

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in heelless Capezzios, she is four inches taller than the reigning Italian movie queen, Gina Lollobrigida. In order to achieve that, she daily runs with her trainer and now a days she is really into Bikram Yoga.She says that it is one of her favorites and is really hard. But when it is all put together, set sensuously in motion, the said experts hastily review their terms of reference." Donald Zec, a face and frame she admits to be a 'unit y of irregularities'; legs that talk; Etruscan eyes that sigh; and ail-over Vesuvian contours, only out-deafened in their clarion call to arms by the over-generous appeal to the senses when the complete equipment is viewed in a vision of motion "Tall and extraordinary. She has long chestnut hair and a smile that flashes through lips that look like two wedges of cantaloupe. " "Artists, photographers and film directors have found her features infuriatingly flawed-short chin, too wide a mouth, the neck and the nose at some odds with the whole ensemble. Slightly receding chin, a fabulous nose and a mouth wide and generous like an invitation to rape. Her two giant green cats' eyes are outlined in black with little wings at the ends, and the lids are dusted with cypress-green shadow.In 2002, she got a chance to appear in American sitcom television series Still Standing.

She did the role of Tiffany when she appeared in the episode 4 of season 1 titled “Still Rocking”.

2008 film Camp Rock in which she performed her role as Mitchie Torres.

Camp Rock was Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM).

But, hard things really makes her feel accomplished afterwards.

British actress best known for roles in films Cleopatra, National Velvet, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

She has large, almond shaped golden eyes, spinnaker-fulllips, a mop of honey-blonde (sic) hair and a way of"Her feet are too big.