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Drupal views rss feed not updating

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Get started by downloading the official Drupal core files.

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If you have server running Cent OS/Fedora/RHEL, you will noticed that it will use regular rpms of distro to install PHP and to update you have to restrict yourself with distro update of said rpms of PHP, which can be not a major update.Richard Spencer Davies is author of Petite Bourgeoisie a beautifully designed site, which is no wonder because he also has a strong web design portfolio.For those of us who are struggling with Word Press(.org), finding themes, tweaking CSS, tweaking PHP, finding themes (notice a theme here)…RSS Feeds and the RSS Viewer Web Part provide you with a convenient way to view information from many sources on a single page.For example, by adding RSS Viewer Web Parts to your My Site page, you can view RSS Feeds from external sites that provide information such as news and weather reports.Like in Cent OS 5.3 you cannot update PHP version above 5.1.x.

I have been using different repositories to update PHP to latest version but most of them break rpm one or two, which may let to unstable Server.

Next switch to ‘Keywords’ tab, press the same ‘New item’ button and add all Gettext functions you use for your plugin, most of the time only are needed.

Make sure all necessary functions are added and press OK.

After you have downloaded Poedit and installed it, fire the application up and then choose File → New Catalog. ‘Project name and version’ should be your plugin’s name, ‘Charset’ and ‘Source code charset’ should be ‘utf-8’.

Switch to ‘Paths’ tab and choose to add a new item, as described in the screenshot below: Type in a dot (.) to tell Poedit to search for PHP files in the same folder as the file.

this article will help you sort out what options you have, because, as difficult as it is getting your blog running on Word Press, it’s also one of the most flexible platforms out there.