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She wants nothing more than to live a normal American teenage life. When seventeen-year-old Evan Ellis catches her eye, she becomes obsessed with finding out as much as she can about him.

Dive into this little debate from two women who have had super distinct experiences in dating Latino and non-Latino men. We share some of our personal experiences with plastic surgery and confess our insecurities.Topoisomerase II is believed to disentangle DNA strands via its DNA strand passage function during the condensation process.Are you a Latina who has dated outside her culture? ESPN's Sarina Morales broke down her journey to the sports channel for us, spilled on what its like to be the only Latina in the room, and how she hopes the MLB will recruit her to play center field.And I introduced him to Peruvian food — he even went as far as trying roasted cuy (guinea pig) in the Sacred Valley in Cuzco last Summer. It's about expanding our Latinx identity and embracing each other's routines and practices.My mom was a native Peruvian, who passed away when I was 11 years old.Pharmacological and genetic attenuation of transcription largely rescue bulk chromosome segregation defects observed in condensin mutants.

We also demonstrate that condensin is associated with and reduces unwound DNA segments generated by transcription, providing a direct link between an in vitro activity of condensin and its in vivo function.

My fiancé is a total Mexican restaurant food snob, which can be both a blessing and curse.

We've found some truly authentic new favorite restaurants together despite living in Houston, where Tex-Mex is everywhere.

Because if her attitude matches her skill set, she's totally got this.

Check out our interview with clinical social worker Dolly Sacristan where we dive into some deep topics like sexual abuse survivors, being connected to someone even after they die, mourning a loved one.

Should she continue to lie and sneak around behind her parents’ back, and suffer the consequences if she gets caught?