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Dating sabbatical

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Here are a few reasons a break is necessary from time to time: Stress and love don’t mix well together.

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That certainty of my intent is damn near nonexistent. It It is because on one hand I still very much want a relationship, on another, I want to date casually, and on yet another, sometimes I want to satisfy temporary needs and keep it moving.Someone significant from my past contacted me and whether they intended to or not, they gave me an uninvited reminder of what love felt like.I won’t bore you guys with all the particulars, but what it came to was me laying my cards on the table and him not choosing me. It’s never a good feeling when the one that you love does not love you back.I mean ok I had one minor slip up, but the guy looked like Brad Pitt so can you blame me?Plus it was only a kiss and a drunken one at that, so I let that one go. I can hear the thought process already so let me elaborate.I was convinced that action was what caused me heartache and disappointment in the past.

I was determined to enjoy my single life and just see what’s out there. I felt that I was finally at peace in the romantic section of my life, but then something occurred that shifted my atmosphere.

My dating Sabbatical in short is a detox from the male race.

Surely we spend too much time obsessing over men and what they want, how we should look and act?

Yes, I am now officially richer than I have been since, ahem, the last time I was single. Everyone knows the feeling of getting all geared up for a night out, ready to hit a swanky bar and throw a few seductive looks and get a few inquisitive strangers wander over and offer a drink in exchange for your phone number.

We also all know the feeling when we get home after a night of being invisible and everyone was incredibly attracted to your best friend.

There might be many reasons to take some time away from dating.