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Dating old coleman lanterns

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Coleman in Wichita made Model 237 lanterns for a number of years.This 237, in John Stendahl's collection, is date stamped May, 1961.

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This one, in Dan Boschen's collection, is stamped 40000023. An Amish repairman in Holmes County, Ohio, made over 300 of these Coleman "200A" lanterns to meet the demand among the Amish for the discontinued 200A lantern largely using parts for the 201 model but with a 200A generator and fuel-air tube.However, this lantern, in Jim Lawrence's collection, is date stamped B 46 (July - Dec.1946); compare to the date range for Models 220C and 228C above.This lantern, dated B (July - Dec) 1946, is in John Stendahl's collection.This lantern is stamped 228D on the collar and has the features that one finds on other 220/228D's of the mid 1940's including the large valve wheel, two-piece stamped burner, and "D" version of the instruction decal.Model 476.74550 (left) is a single mantle lantern comparable to Coleman 200A.

Model 476.74060 (center) is comparable to Coleman 220E, while Model 476.74070 (right) is comparable to Coleman 228E from the same period.

This pair is date stamped July '61, The 220E (left) is in Dean De Groff's collection while the 228E is in Ronnie Hardison's collection.

They have the same features as other 220E & 228E's of the period except for the fount color. This parts rack is in Tim Treutler's collection Kamp-Site Products Co., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, made this #101 Kamp Kan that will hold a 200A lantern.

Model 220C has a yellow decal on the fount with lighting instructions.

as did the predecessor 220BX/220C made during WWII.

Coleman stamped Model 220C on the lanterns they made from 1944 until 1947.