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Dating my boyfriends brother

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Then, over a series of emails, decided to try anyway. I mean, I'm generally an empathetic, caring person. We talked about it and agreed that it wasn't a great idea to see each other. The brother and I saw each other for a month or so, then I decided it was a really bad idea (again). So what he did was to tell his brother that he found me repulsive, and that I look terrible. I am realizing that I am really am self absorbed when it comes to men. I'm wondering if it's because I was molested when I was young.

I went online today looking to see how other people think about dating an ex's sibling and the general rule is that it is one of the worst things you can do. By dating his brother, he will see you time and time again. I know of more than one family where the sibling dated a girl or a guy and his brother (or sister) ended up happily marrying that person. but he feels like I have ruined that by being with his brother.It's a little big, and won't fit in the home unless they change the TV set up.His brother told me he measured and made a decision for me (he literally said "I made a decision") and told me to give my couch away for free on craiglist.It's definitely a bachelor pad, which I don't mind to much, I don't want to change anything, because I'll have my own room as"backup" there.The problem is I have a BEAUTIFUL "L" shaped comfy couch passed down to me from my sister when I had literally nothing to my name.I wouldn't be too optimistic about his brother's response if I were you, though.

This question may sound weird, A few days ago, I had an encounter with a spiritual person who is rational and logistic about everything, except his strong understanding of past lives and our karmic accounts. If you have problems with your girlfriend, you can write to me.

Having said that, I'm not sure how well he will take to your admission of feelings for his brother, considering everything we know about sibling rivalry.

You should just tell him how you feel though and hope for the best.

and I started developing pretty deep feelings for him. He has since sent me numerous mean, scary emails about how screwed up and evil I am, and how I have ruined a great friendship and his relationship with his brother. He said I was extremely manipulative and psychotic.

But when it comes to getting attention from men, I realize now that I care about nothing else. Even now, while I feel sick and can't sleep because my ex is in such turmoil, I don't feel that bad about how I fell for his brother. The only reason that it is not good to date a sibling of an ex is that it can get complicated IF one of the two "ex"s has feelings for each other.

He came into my room when the roommate was asleep and we ended up sleeping together. The sick thing is that we are both in our late 30s... I told him to say whatever it took to reestablish his relationship with his brother. When I started blocking my email, he sent me letters. I wonder what it is about me that would think this was okay.