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Dating a girl with no friends

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Men seem to have fewer requirements about women aside from the physical and basic personality traits, whereas women seem to judge men a lot on the company they keep.Do the vast majority of women steer clear of 'loners' even if they meet the other requirements?

For once, I’m in danger of perpetuating the Hollywood myth.Do they seem them as either weird/creepy/or socially inept?Or maybe guys who are loners just tend to lack the social skills to be good at dating to start with, maybe that's more it. Girls can be super-shy and be approached all the time and still have a boyfriend. I am one because women are too catty for me, hate always having to keep my guard up around them.The people who I have dated have been a hell of a lot like I am in the sense that people will flock to them based on superficial charm, style, looks, ect..they tend to be excruciatingly particular in who they 'date'or even associate with.The right gal will most likely either (a) be a bit like you in mindset and understand your reason behind being a proverbial 'loner', or (b) be drawn to you due to how intriguing the differences are.If a gal (or person in general) cannot accept and remain mostly pleased with the person who you truly are, they are not anyone worth wasting your time on.

I often worry the same thing..I find someone, will they wanna meet MY friends and find out that um, I actually don't really have almost any in person?

I have two very close friends, who I’ve known since university.

We live very near each other, we go on holidays together, see each other several times a week, and know everything about each other.

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I've met a few girls on the internet who seem to have no friends (apart from online ones), no social life, who are basically hermits, who still have boyfriends who they seem to spend a lot of their time with.

Just to ensure we’re cliché-ing our asses off, we also go for brunch sometimes. So yes, I find forming friendships with other women easy, and always have done – but why do we always pretend this is the case for everyone, all the time?