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Consolidating library itunes 11

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Before making major changes to your computer, it's always a good idea to back up your data: The best way to back up your Mac is with a Time Machine routine in place, but you can choose an alternate backup option that's right for you.

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With OS X Mavericks just around the corner, this is a good time to have a tidy up and ensure that your experience of the update is a pleasurable one.To rid your Mac of music, you may want to consider i Tunes Match, which allows you to stream and sync your library through the cloud. If you’re the kind of person who likes to rate songs, you can remove unwanted tunes pretty easily. If you want to find missing album artwork for songs in your library, click File Library and select Get Album Artwork. Sort your songs by name and look for any that are called unknown or untitled. One great tip is to connect a USB hard drive to your recent Airport Base Station or Time Capsule and use the Airport Disk feature to store the library there, out of sight.i Tunes 11 has some handy key shortcuts for switching library sections.Use the keys ç 1 through to ç 7 to toggle the view between the different media types.You will find that your library has missing cover art, artist information, duplicated tunes and missing data.

There will be songs you think are rubbish and need to be moved to make searching easier.

Start by turning on Home Sharing on the old computer, or the one hosting all of the files.

If you have i Tunes 9 or 10, then go to “Advanced” and then “Turn On Home Sharing.” If you have i Tunes 11 or higher, then click “File,” “Devices” and then “Turn On Home Sharing.” Enter your Apple ID into the next money.

If your Mac's hard drive is getting full, you can move your entire i Tunes library to an external hard drive to free up space.

After decades of digital music, it's not unlikely if you've amassed quite the collection of music on your computer's hard drive.

It's now safe to copy your Library folder to a different location or drive.