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Configuation options for updating operating system

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For all operating system deployment scenarios, you must select an operating system image.You can use the default operating system image or build the operating system image from a reference computer that you configure.

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After you have created the reference computer and captured an operating system image from that computer, you can use a task sequence to configure how to deploy that image to a destination computer.If you are using BMC Atrium Discovery version 9.x or earlier, you must run the upgrade at the command line.If you have made changes to operating system configuration files on the appliance, these changes may be overwritten by the upgrade process.When you set the guest operating system type for a new virtual machine, v Center Server chooses configuration defaults based on the guest type.Changing the guest operating system type after the virtual machine is created does not retroactively change those settings.You can maintain your Oracle Solaris, Linux, and Microsoft Windows operating systems to the recommended and latest updates and perform complex update tasks in a consistent manner.

For most platforms, the update features help you to perform the following tasks: Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center provides one stop solution for all the requirements for updating your operating systems.

The script is operating system and architecture specific.

When you change the guest operating system type in the virtual machine settings, you change the setting for the guest operating system in the virtual machine's configuration file.

Regardless of the deployment method that you use, there are several actions that you must take.

These actions include the following: Operating system images are WIM files and represent a compressed collection of reference files and folders that are required to successfully install and configure an operating system on a computer.

You can copy the profiles and edit them to create your own customized profiles.