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A media sensation is brought about when Cooley forces fashion designer Fidor Konstantin (James Dreyfus) to base his upcoming collection on the Fat Slags.

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This page has resources for teens, parents, and law enforcement to help in any situation.Origin of Internet slangs Although there is no organization / community which is responsible for their standardization.It ‘s very hard tell their where do they come from.On the day the Fat Slags arrive in London, internationally renowned billionaire Sean Cooley (Jerry O'Connell) suffers a blow to the head, rendering him temporarily insane.When he spots Sandra and Tracey on a daytime chat show he falls for their larger-than-life outlook.'Bird Identification' is a website for anyone who wants to learn more about birds and wants to gain formal evidence of their developing skills.

Here you can choose to take an exam on the birds in your own country or for the whole Western Palearctic, and receive a valid certificate at higher education level.

Men remained married whether they had mistresses or not — as did women, even if they took lovers.

Divorce was as much of a no-no as swearing in public or calling a lady of easy virtue a tart.

Some might think it snobby, but it was nothing of the kind.

One just had to act in a certain manner and that is all.

And even though sometimes internet slang has same letters as they have in their meaning it’s still easier to say kk in the chat of multiplayer games instead of ok.