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“You don’t want to dance around an answer and then have the person say, ‘No, that’s not what I’m asking.

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You can look for a local sexual health services or advice centre on this site.If you have to schedule sex like you do a meeting, do it! You start taking oral contraceptives (OCs) so you can have worry-free sex.Then the magic little pills start sapping your sex drive. OCs contain estrogen, which increases the production of a protein called sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG), says Michael Krychman, MD, medical director of sexual medicine at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California.(NASA has never conducted official experiments on animal reproduction in space, says a spokesman.) If astronauts have had space sex, it would have been very difficult. A regular shuttle is about as big as a 737, and the two main areas—the crew cabin and middeck—are each the size of a small office.The bathroom is little more than a seat with a curtain, and there aren't any closed rooms where two people could retreat.When you’re at work and your client or boss asks a question, however, it’s not always smart to change the subject and promote your own agenda. The right strategy to do that without sounding like a politician, says Stan Steinreich, president and CEO of Steinreich Communications, a New York City-based public relations firm that specializes in crisis management, “is not to dodge, but rather to satisfy the questioner.”From politely declining, to giving information you are willing to share, here are nine ways to address a question you don’t want to answer.

People are not always exact or clear about their language, and it’s easy to assume what you think they’re asking, says Jay Sullivan, author of .“The first thing to do is clarify the question,” he says.

The space station, on the other hand, has a little more room to operate.

The three-person crew generally splits up for sleeping time: Two of them bed down in a pair of tiny crew cabins at one end of the station, and the third might jump in a sleeping bag at the other end, almost 200 feet away.

Some men are married and don’t want to cheat on their wives, others aren’t sexually active, and some are just trying to be your friend.

There are many reasons why someone would want a platonic Sugar Baby.

You’re not alone: Women today have less time for sex than their 1950s counterparts.