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Boob chat

Let’s be honest, we’ve all at least attempted to do a little sexting.

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Now I know you’re excited and can’t wait to dive into your new world of textual exploration but slow down. The first mistake was hunting down a phone number on Facebook like Joey Greco from Cheaters but that’s a whole other set of issues.Presented as a social networking site it promises “FREE” cosmetic surgery – however, in reality this is no more “free” than “Netflix and chill” is a chance to catch up on .The site comprises three groups: the ‘ladies’ who are seeking surgery, ‘benefactors’ - typically men - who pay money to chat and see photos of the women, and surgeons who are paid directly by the site and perform the surgery once women’s targets have been reached.Apply now Ever wondered what we get up to at Boob HQ?Or just fancy the occasional pic of some puppies to remind you to check your boobs? Just search for coppafeelpeople and join the boob chat.If you're still alive and breathing after episode one, let's debrief on what was possibly the most scandalous, WTF debut of a reality show to date.

We begin with cutaways of a pristine Pacific island as a voiceover tells us we're about to meet five couples "at breaking point".

How this topic even came up is still a wonder, but come up it did when MTV News' Josh Horowitz jokingly brought up the fact that while the four easy-on-the-eyes actors are used to being the most attractive people in any room, that wasn't the case when they were all together on set. "At the end of the day, that's what matters," Taylor added with a smile.

Rihanna then admitted that she did spend some time admiring a certain part of her co-star's anatomy.

In a world where women are constantly judged on their looks, this reinforces the notion that her worth is dependent on her cup size.

And it’s the ultimate irony that men are paying to objectify women so they can fund them to gain the privilege of being further objectified.

What is more fun than a couple of beautiful women talking about how they wish they had more junk in certain trunks? In watching the two lovely ladies go back and forth about their mutual admiration, the expressions of delight on Alexander and Taylor's faces are pretty priceless.