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Backdating pension credit

If you or your partner are above the age to claim state pension credit, we will automatically backdate your claim for a maximum of three months.You don't need to ask - we'll do this automatically.

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But a claim may generally only be backdated by a maximum of 31 days.I agree that I haven’t seen a date yet but I don’t think that there will be a gradual rollout.DWP have said that: ‘Mixed age’ couples (where one member is over Pension Credit qualifying age but the other is under) already in receipt of Pension Credit (PC) at the effective date will be allowed to remain on it.Many thanks There seems to be an urban legend that the pensioner/working age split in UC is going to replicated for existing claimants of legacy benefits from April 2013, but I have seen nothing to indicate that this is the case.As far as I can tell the change that says both members of a couple must be of SPC age to get SPC is going to be phased in for new claimants as UC gradually rolls out.However, occasionally, some customers will want it paid from an earlier date, in other words, they want us to 'backdate' their reduction.

Backdating is sometimes possible but it can only be done in limited circumstances so it is always best to make your claim as soon as possible.

Council Tax Support normally starts from the Monday following the date that you first contacted us.

Sometimes we may be able to pay your claim from an earlier date (backdating) of up to a month if you can show that you have a good reason why you did not claim sooner.

Prior to 6 April 2012, the backdating period for changes of circumstances was 3 months.

Backdating more than 31 days/1 month There are two situations in which it is possible to get backdating of more than 31days/1 month: Refugee status If a person has claimed asylum as a refugee and is then awarded refugee status, providing they apply for tax credits within one month of receiving notification of that refugee status, they will be treated as if they made their tax credits claim from the original date they claimed asylum.

However, unlike pension age claims, you must show that you had good reason (also referred to as “good cause”) for not claiming earlier.